NL-AC410 Aircast – Foot Drop Brace PodaLif (AFO)


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NL-AC410 Aircast – Foot Drop Brace PodaLif AFO

The Foot Drop Brace Aircast PodaLib A.F.O. ( ankle-foot orthosis ) ; offers a dynamic and functional approach to ;address ;muscular weaknesses or foot-lifting muscles deficits, resulting in drop foot.

Unlike traditional rigid Hallux valgus night splints, this patented ;splint system of foot drop brace Aircast PodaLib A.F.O. can be worn during the day in a shoe under load (while walking).


• Easy to use
• Can be ;universally worn on the right or left foot
• Can be worn during the day in a shoe under load (while walking)
• Shortens post-operative rehab time.

1. Closure Buckles ;
• Help adjust and secure the tension of the elastic straps and foot flexion angle.
• Initial adjustment serves for all occasions.
Ankle Cuffs

• Anatomically shaped conforms to patient’s leg.
• 2 posterior supple stays provide ankle support.
• Posterior foam pad provides added comfort and protection on Achilles Tendon area.
Adjustable Elastic Strap

• Double strap with metallic hook.
• Helps adjust tension and level of correction required.
• Helps maintain foot at 90 degrees angle.
Metallic Hook

• Adapts to all shoe types with laces, buckles, eyelets.
• Fixes onto foot cuff for barefoot use.
• For shoes without an attachment point can be fixed onto shoe with separate Attachment System ( plastic plate & rivet)
Foot Cuff

• For barefoot use or swimming.
• Adjustable to forefoot width.
• 1 x Aircast PodaLib AFO