NL-AC424 AirCast -Pneumatic Diabetic Walker Boot (S)


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NL-AC424 AirCast – Pneumatic Diabetic Walker Boot

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The XP Diabetic Walker incorporates an optimized rocker sole for maximum off-loading of the diabetic foot and an innovative dual density insole to help eliminate pressure points. The combination of semi-rigid shells, full aircells and insole helps regulate shear stress. Two extra insoles (including the dual-laminate insole designed with the Impax grid technology), three stockings and one hand bulb with pressure gauge are included.

• Specifically designed for diabetics to provide mobility, protection and pneumatic support for day-to-day activities while recovering from injury
• Intended for stable fractures of the foot and ankle, severe ankle sprains, soft tissue injuries, hindfoot injuries, neuropathic ulcers, managing edema and post-operative use
• Low rocker sole promotes a natural ambulation (gait) for improved mobility; Provides ample room for dressings without sacrificing comfort
• Includes 3 sock liners, 2 insoles and a hand bulb air pump with pressure gauge to customize the level of support needed.
• Can be used with Brace-Lok system.
• Aircells can be custom inflated for a total contact fit
• Universal fit allows the Aircast XP Diabetic Walker Brace / Walking Boot to be worn on either the left or right leg

Indication: Stable foot and/or ankle fracture; Post-operative; Hindfoot and heel foot protection; Neuropathic ulcers; Soft tissue injury; Severe ankle sprains.

**PRE-ORDER, Delivery time frame is 5 working days**