NL-FS301 Child CP Standing Frame with Front Tilt Table

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NL-FS301 Child CP Standing Frame with Front Tilt Table

Standing frames are used by children who are born with Cerebral Palsy that affects their motor functions due to a brain injury during pregnancy. They have difficulties standing, walking, picking things up, and some even difficulties in speaking. The Standing Frame is an assistive device tool that will help with the child’s physical growth and social skills.

• Encourage hip development and improve hip stability
• Corrects & maintains a straight and symmetrical body posture
• Prevent contractures of the hip, knee and ankle
• Increase a person’s metabolic rate
• Improve bone strength, cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive and bowel function, and general well-being
• Increases self confidence to interact & social with others face to face

Frame Dimensions:

• Height: 60cm – 80cm (H)
• Chest & Waist Width: 20cm – 30cm (W)
• Weight: 24 kg
• Weight Capacity: 60 kg
• Tilt Angle: 0 ~ 40°

The NL-FS301 is one of the most common types of standing frame available and recommended for children below age 7 or below the height of 120cm. The front tilt table can be adjusted according to the type of activity the child is doing such as drawing, reading, playing with toys, eating and many more.
There is no cure for Cerebral Palsy, but steps can be taken to improve their quality of life.

*Please consult with your doctor before purchasing*