NL019 Compressor NebuliZer

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NL019 Compressor NebuliZer

The NL019 Compressor NebuliZer is an aerosol therapy of asthma, allergies and other respiratory disorders.

Compressed air technology is used for the nebulization of prescribed liquid medicine and is easily inhaled by patients using the face mask or mouth piece which allows the medication to go directly into a person’s airways and lungs. This method of treatment is easier for people who are having serious difficulty in breathing or those who have trouble using an inhaler which requires careful timing and control of one’s breathing.

• Oil free pump

• Low noise

• Portable

• Lightweight

• One-button operation

• Suitable for Adult & Child

Comes with: Mouth piece, Adult / Child mask, Air tube, Air filters (10pcs), Nebulizer bottle (Medicine Chamber)

Technical Data
Liter flow range: >7 lpm
Particle size: 0.5 – 10 um
MMAD: 4 um
Sound level: 0.35ml/min
Power : 168 VA