NL9122L-A Lightweight Reversed Child Walker/Gait Trainer 2.0

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NL9122L-A Lightweight Reversed Child Walker/Gait Trainer 2.0

There is a difference between a Walker and a Gait. A Walker is used when the child is able to stand by themselves and they need a walker as a balancing tool to help them take steps. A Gait is when the child is still unable to support their own weight yet and requires additional supportive gears to help them.

The NL9122L-A is a foldable lightweight frame with a combo of both a walker and a gait because once the child is able to walk, parents can then remove the supportive gears and turn the gait into a regular reversed child walker. The supportive gears on the NL9122L-A are adjustable pads to support the child’s torso and an adjustable thin cushioned straddle to support the child’s weight while they learn how to take steps.

It is uniquely designed to be used in reverse to improve alignment, strengthens leg muscles, consume less energy and maximize the opportunity to walk. The wheels on the NL9122L-A are able to advance forward and not backwards for added security to prevent the child from accidentally backing up and falling backwards. It has height adjustable legs and a width of 32cm between the handles giving the user enough space to walk comfortably with support.

Weight: 3.5kg
Weight Capacity: 80kg
Frame: Aluminum
Frame Height: Floor to handles 58 – 68cm
Dimension: 60cm x 25cm x 80cm (Folded)