NL954LGC Lightweight Reclining Wheelchair

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NL954LGC Lightweight Reclining Wheelchair

The NL954LGC Lightweight Reclining Wheelchair has a reclining back rest up to 165° and elevating leg rests up to 180°. Both functions helps provide multiple positioning for the user, which relieves pressure and prevents sore spots and muscle aches, especially for those with severe paralysis.

The 954LGC Lightweight Reclining Wheelchair is most commonly used by the elderly or users with spinal cord injuries, head injuries, or muscle diseases. It also has easy to detach armrests, footrests and headrest making it easy to store away if needed and due to its lightweight frame it can be easily transported.

Weight: 15 kg

Weight Capacity: 100 kg

Frame: Aluminum


1. Reclining backrest up to 165°
2. Elevating leg rests up to 180°
3. Detachable armrests, leg rests and headrest
4. Anti-back tipping
5. Aluminum lightweight frame
6. Rust Resistant

Warranty: ONE year on the wheelchair frame for manufacturer defect