NL958LC Tilt in Space Wheelchair

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NL958LC Tilt in Space Wheelchair

The NL958LC Pediatric Tilt in Space Wheelchair, also sometimes referred to as a Cerebral Palsy Chair (CP Chair) is ideal for children with upper body control difficulties and special needs such as Cerebral Palsy. CP is a group of movement disorders that are caused by accidental brain damage, brain malformation during development, disease in the child or in the mother during pregnancy. It affects a child’s tone, stance, vision, hearing, language, sensory disorders, cognition, communication, perception, behavior and among others but each person is impacted differently.

*Please consult with your doctor before purchasing*


Height Adjustable Armrest
Detachable Footrest
Adjustable Headrest
Adjustable side padding
Adjustable Abduction Padding
Tilt-in-Space up to 45 degree angle
Reclining up to 165 degree angle

Weight: 23 kg

Weight Capacity: 75 kg

Frame: Aluminum

Warranty: ONE year on the wheelchair frame for manufacturer defect