NL965LHB Deluxe Rollator Walker

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NL965LHB Deluxe Rollator Walker

The NL965LHB Deluxe Rollator Walker is a suitable walker for our elderly customers. The reason for this is simply due to its lightweight aluminum alloy frame, rust resistant, handbrakes with locks and is very user friendly. The NL965LHB has further convenient features such as built in seat for those long walks and a shopping basket beneath to store items.

The frame itself is foldable for easy storage and the backrest can be detached if you wish to switch positions (front of back). Having the backrest on the same side as the handles allows the user to sit and have someone else push from behind.

Weight: 9 kg

Weight Capacity: 100 kg

Frame: Aluminum

Warranty: ONE year on the frame for manufacturer defects